Modern Vintage is Our Passion

SylvieBags embodies Sylvie’s finest designs, original mid-century fabrics, hand-made artisanship and Martha’s Vineyard timeless lifestyle.
Sylvie Farrington was born in Germany and trained in a traditional sewing and design program before emigrating to the US as a young adult and founding “ SylvieBags “ in 1997.

Our sustainable accessories are created from up-cycled rare barkcloth and fabrics from the 1930s to the 1960s. Barkcloth is made from densely woven cotton fibers and was often used for upholstery and curtain fabrics. Like tree bark, the material has a rough, nubby texture providing strength and durability. Although it is becoming harder to find, authentic vintage material can be recovered at auctions, store closures, and antique shows.

At SylvieBags, we know how much fun it is to complement your look with a one-of-a-kind handbag made from Vintage Barkcloth. Not only is every Sylviebag unique and beautifully made with a high focus on detail, but also designed to be functional and durable for your everyday lifestyle. By purchasing from SylvieBags, you will receive a high-end piece of vintage fiber art that is hand-crafted and exclusive to you.

Every SylvieBag tells a story

Why SylvieBags?

Be Rare. Be Unique. Be YOU.


Express your unique style with our ever-changing collection of Modern Vintage Accessories. Featuring hundreds of rare vintage textiles your SylvieBags acquisition will truly be one of a kind.


By buying a SylvieBags Accessory you are helping preserve the ancient art of sewing passed down through generations and championing independent women sewing from home to balance work and family and earning a fair compensation.


Feel good about upcycling existing vintage fabric and minimizing impact on Mother Earth by purchasing a leather-free, animal friendly and vegan SylvieBag.


Feel secure in the quality of your SylvieBags purchase. Each SylvieBags accessory comes with an one year warranty against any wear and tear.

We want you to fall in love with your SylvieBags for life. 24 years of Artisan Design and Fine Craftsmanship, hundreds of unique pieces of vintage textiles discovered at antique markets and vintage shows, 10.000 + SylvieBags circling the globe.